Urgently need South Africa,Philippine,Morocco,Ghana,Haiti,Libya,Tunisia

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  1. Dear Valued Provider

    Please add me on your skype: William_tele2call

    we are looking quality,stable and direct non cli routes. we have huge live traffic for A to Z non cli route.

    Urgently need below routes with live traffic

    Serbia proper 30k per day

    Serbia mobile all 20k per day

    Pakistan all 500k per day

    Philippine 50k per day

    Indonesia 200k per day

    Ghana 20k per day

    Mali 15k per day

    Senegal 20k per day

    Saudi 50k per day

    Morocco 25k per day

    Yemen 100k per day

    Nigeria 100k per day

    Tunisia 30k per day

    Haiti 15k per day

    Uzbekistan 200k per day

    United Kingdom 30k per day

    United Arab Emirates 20k per day

    Ukraine 80k per day

    Trinidad and Tobago 10k per day

    Thailand 100k per day

    Tajikistan 30k per day

    Switzerland 40k per day

    South Africa 100k per day

    Russia 30k per day

    Romania 25k per day

    Portugal 10k per day

    Poland 50k per day

    Moldova 10k per day

    Macedonia 20k per day

    Lithuania 15k per day

    Kazakhstan 20k per day

    Italy 50k per day

    Greece 10k per day

    Germany 10k per day

    Estonia 20k per day

    Croatia 30k per day

    Colombia 50k per day

    Bosnia and Herzegovina 20k per day

    Bolivia 30k per day

    Belgium 30k per day

    Azerbaijan 15k per day

    Belarus 10k per day

    Algeria 20k per day

    And will arrange traffic for a to z route

    >>>>>>>>>>>Most Urgent Needed African Route<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    Will get on time payment with all online payment
    Let us know if you can offer us any above destination. Get hurry to contact with us and reply back with Rate, ASR, ACD, Billing terms and other requirements.

    Best regard

    William Henry

    Business development manager

    Company name: Tele2call LLC

    skype ID: william_tele2call

    mail ID: sales@tele2call.com

    Company Address:1007 Hartmont Rd , Catonsville MD 21228,USA.

    Business Phone & whatsup: +1(443) 743 8899



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