Stutter Dial Tone for AudioCodes MP-124 FXS

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  1. i am currently doing support for AudioCodes products in my current line of work, i have being having this funny problem with the MP-124 FXS SIP Gateway...the problem description is as follows

    When other people left a voicemail for one of my user that is on the AudioCodes Gateway, i'll see the below message in my syslog server :
    (sip_stack)(436) ?? [WARNING] AcTransactionUser::HandleNotify, can't find subscriber item

    When the user try to pick up the handset of his analog phone, instead of hearing a stutter dial tone to notify him of a new voicemail message, all he heard is a dead slience without even hearing a normal dial tone, but
    he is still able to make outgoing and receive incoming calls despite all these and the normal dial tone will come back once he have logged into his voicemail portal and clear the new voicemail messages that he receives.

    The error messages that i get inside my syslog server when the above-mentioned user picks up the handset of his analog phone is as follows :
    Invalid tone type (8) [Code:500c] [CID:2]
    ( lgr_psbrdif)(437) !! [ERROR] #2:failed to play tone

    I am currently at my wits end and really hopes that some expert in here can help me out here. Please do not hesitate to ask me if you all needs any more info from me.

    Best Regards
    Hanz ;)

  2. Helpme please
  3. Very old question. No one replied? I'm also having the same issue.

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