Critical Error 3,0 Core Engine Unable to Start

Discussion in 'VoIP Security' started by turnerrita, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. My voipraider installation crashed all of a sudden. When I try to start the application I get the following error message.
    "Critical Error 3,0 Core Engine Unable to Start"

    I have tried the following to fix the problem
    1. complete re-install of the application
    2. Clearing the sub-folders in the Microsoft Crypt folder in Documents and Settings.
    3. Reinstall of XP service packs

    This unable to fix the problem. I have also tried other voip applications. I get the same error.
    Thanx for your help in advance
  2. Thanks very much for your response. I shall give it a try.
  3. i have this problem.... please solution

  4. Hi Turnerita u said thnks for the reply however there is no reply out here...can u help me out..if ur issue is resolved..

  5. i dont have resolved
  6. hi,

    same probelm i m getting can u help me out

  7. I also have this problem could you please help me?

    I can't also open msn messenger, with the same error message...


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